New album review and interview!


"With so much new and timeless instrumental jazz music on hand, the real attraction here is the spirited musical interplay between Brown, Lemerle and Traunmueller. Jazz fans will be in for an excellent sonic surprise with this fine new CD by The Nathan Brown Trio."

Excerpt from my latest album review on Music Wed Express 3000 (or including an exclusive interview! Check it out.

Nathan Brown Trio "This Is The Moment" will be available through Gut Sting Records September 8th!


New review of my soon-to-be-released trio album!

Big thanks to Bass Musician Magazine for the shout out! 

"Every so often a musician and his ensemble come along and stamp their name on today’s musical landscape. With their new release “This is the Moment” (Release Date: September 8th, 2017), led by bassist Nathan Brown, the trio does just that. Joined on the new release by Felix Lemerle on guitar and Peter Traunmueller on drums, Brown and his comrades show why their musicianship and compositional skills are gaining the attention they deserve."

- Valery Amador, Publisher and News Editor at Bass Musician Maga

New review of my soon-to-be released trio album!

Thank you to Midwest Record for writing a review of my upcoming trio album "This Is The Moment"

"NATHAN BROWN TRIO/This is the Moment: A lot of cats seem to be remembering Walter Davis these days, and Brown is no exception, but this bass ace has so much more to offer than nostalgia. With originals that sound comfortingly familiar up his sleeve, the Brown crew knows how to serve it up just right. With cool school bopping leading the way, this is a cat that easily convinces you to stay out late on school nights to dig. Solid jazzbo work throughout, there's that under current running through this that cool rockers can dig it too. Well done."

Volume 40/Number 237

June 26, 2017


CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher 

Copyright 2017 Midwest Record

Nathan Brown Trio Album - "This Is The Moment"

The time is finally here! My trio album featuring Felix Lemerle on guitar ( and Peter Traunmueller on drums ( is finished. Right now my press agents at Two For The Show Media ( and GROOV Marketing and Consulting ( are working their campaigns. The official release date is September 8th and it will be for sale online at that time through iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, and dozens of other download and streaming websites. For more information about my album, visit the record labels website (

For your preview pleasure, You may stream two of the tracks from the upcoming album on the Audio page of this website.

On top of that, my trio has just shot video of us performing several tracks from the upcoming album! two of these videos are now up on the Video page of this website. 



* 4 String Fretless Electric Bass For Sale, NYC *


A real collectors item!

Made in Vancouver Canada in the late 70's by Odyssey Guitars. The company ceased production when it's owner, Atilla Balogh, was crushed to death by a heavy machine in his shop in the early 80's. Here is a link to a thread on about Atilla Balogh basses:

** It is said that finding one of these will bring you good luck **

 It's time for me to pass this good luck on to a fellow bassist :-)

Here are some specs:

  • Neck-through-body design (no bolt-on neck!).
  • Beautiful red sunburst in color
  • Fretless fingerboard (hardwood. Originally fretless, not de-fretted). 
  • 34" scale
  • Solid mahogany body, and maple neck.
  • Twin Bartollini pickups (p-bass configuration).
  • Volume and tone knobs.
  • Series parallel switch (converted into a kill switch).
  • Original model Bad Ass bridge (brass).
  • Grover machine heads (also brass)

When I acquired this bass, It was gutted for parts (no strings, no pickups, and the G string saddle of the Bad Ass bridge was missing). I spent time, money, and love restoring her. Here's what I had to restore:

  • I Couldn't find the G string saddle from the original model Band Ass bridge online, so I installed the saddle from a later model Bad Ass bridge which fit perfectly (although it is a different color - the original bridge components are silver, the newer model G string saddle is gold). 
  • I installed two new model Bartollini p-bass configuration pickups. From my research, this bass probably had 70's Dimarzio model P pickups. These original pickups were wired to run in series parallel if wanted (there is a switch to go back and forth). However, the Bartollini's I installed can't run series parallel, so I had the switch converted into a kill switch
  • New strings! I put on unused Thomastik flat-wound jazz electric bass strings! With the fretless and the flat-wound jazz strings, this bass has a very warm almost acoustic bass sound

I'm looking for $1,000, but will entertain all offers! 

Case NOT included. Neck strap NOT included.  Contact me if you are interested. Will make appointments for viewing and testing of the bass. I am willing to ship the bass if need be, however buyer will have to pay for ALL shipping costs.



No... The Atilla bass does  NOT  come with the upright bass in the background!

No... The Atilla bass does NOT come with the upright bass in the background!

* Plywood Bass Rental *

My plywood bass is for rent in the greater NYC area!

Ideal for out-of-town bassist coming to town to play a gig or two, or coming to town to hang out for a month or two. This bass has a powerful and punchy sound similar to old Kay and American Standard basses. Ideal for jazz settings. It is in excellent condition!!!

**Daily, weekly, and monthly rental contracts available. Negotiable rates**

Here are some specs:

* Maker: Eberle, Musima Company (Germany)    * Approximate Age: 25 years

* Model Shape: Gamba, sloping shoulders

* Overall Height: 73.5"    * Upper Bout: 20"    * Lower Bout: 27"    * C Bout: 15.15"    

* Body Height: 43.75"    * Rib Depth: U 8.75"  L 8.75"    * String Length: 41"

* Top Material: Beech-laminate (3-peice ply)    * Back Material: Beech veneer  

* Rib Material: Beech veneer    * Neck material: Beech    * Inner & Outer Linings: Beech

* Tuner Type: Nickel, plate


Comes with accessories:

* Full set of Thomastik Spirocore strings

* Goetz style metal endpin with screw-on rubber tip, 10mm X 21

* Realist Copperhead pickup

* Leather bow quiver

* Mooradian Standard gig bag w/ shoulder strap

* ONYX bass wheel (fits in the endpin block)


Book now!!

Contact me via email at:

or by phone:  (217) 621-0494



Hello world!

I've been so busy performing shows the past year that I have neglected to update my website. Here is what is going on in my life and my music right now:

My New York based trio just recorded a new album last February. I'm accompanied by Felix Lemerle on guitar and Peter Traunmueller on drums. The album will be released through ITI Records some time next year! You can preview selected tracks from the upcoming album on my Audio page as well as check out my previously released album from 2012  

I'm also play a variety of new regular shows throughout New York City every week. Vist my Performance page  to find out where I'm playing next!

Wed late night jam session at Cleopatra's Needle

Wed late night jam session at Cleopatra's Needle

I'm excited to announce that starting this new year my trio is hosting the Wed late night jam session at Cleopatra's Needle! Every Wed night from 11:30pm until 2:30am. Cleo's is a highlight in NYC's jazz scene and a must-attend jam destination for all aspiring and professional musicians. My trio will play a couple opening numbers and then open the session, inviting fellow jazz musicians up to the stage to play! 

If you're looking for a spot to hear a variety of great jazz music on Wed nights, come to Cleo's and hang with us! If you're a musician, don't forget to bring your horn and play a tune or two with us! (if you play rhythm section instruments, drum set, upright bass, piano, and guitar amp will be provided)

2485 North Broadway, New York, NY

The Paul Corn Big Band Record Project!

The Paul Corn Big Band Record Project!

Please check out this kickstarter project which I am excited to be a part of! We go into the studio in Jan 2015 to record. Paul has almost reached his goal of $7,000. Please donate anything you can. The deadline is New Years. A good friend of Paul's said he will double any donations made from now till the deadline!

Sol Yaged's 93rd Birthday Celebration Performance

Sol Yaged's 93rd Birthday Celebration Performance

My gig this Thur night (12/11/14) with the legendary clarinetist Sol Yaged is special. This performance is Sol's 93rd birthday celebration!!! If you haven't heard about Sol, he is one of the last artist from the Swing Era (30's) still with us today. Check out these websites to learn more: 

Please check out my performance page for more details regarding the location and time!

Washington Sq Park

Washington Sq Park

As we move into fall, the season is almost over for performing outdoors in the park. If you're in the city, don't miss out on your last chances this year to hear live music in Washington Square Park! Every Tuesday through Fri from noon until 5:30pm I perform with the Ryo Sasaki Trio (middle west side park entrance). Saturday and Sunday I perform in the same location with Ra'sheed Howard and the Jazz Collective from noon until 6pm. Come out, grab some lunch from the NYdosas vegan Indian food cart (best food cart in the whole city!), and sit and listen to live music!