* Plywood Bass Rental *

My plywood bass is for rent in the greater NYC area!

Ideal for out-of-town bassist coming to town to play a gig or two, or coming to town to hang out for a month or two. This bass has a powerful and punchy sound similar to old Kay and American Standard basses. Ideal for jazz settings. It is in excellent condition!!!

**Daily, weekly, and monthly rental contracts available. Negotiable rates**

Here are some specs:

* Maker: Eberle, Musima Company (Germany)    * Approximate Age: 25 years

* Model Shape: Gamba, sloping shoulders

* Overall Height: 73.5"    * Upper Bout: 20"    * Lower Bout: 27"    * C Bout: 15.15"    

* Body Height: 43.75"    * Rib Depth: U 8.75"  L 8.75"    * String Length: 41"

* Top Material: Beech-laminate (3-peice ply)    * Back Material: Beech veneer  

* Rib Material: Beech veneer    * Neck material: Beech    * Inner & Outer Linings: Beech

* Tuner Type: Nickel, plate


Comes with accessories:

* Full set of Thomastik Spirocore strings

* Goetz style metal endpin with screw-on rubber tip, 10mm X 21

* Realist Copperhead pickup

* Leather bow quiver

* Mooradian Standard gig bag w/ shoulder strap

* ONYX bass wheel (fits in the endpin block)


Book now!!

Contact me via email at:  brown.bass24@gmail.com

or by phone:  (217) 621-0494