* 4 String Fretless Electric Bass For Sale, NYC *


A real collectors item!

Made in Vancouver Canada in the late 70's by Odyssey Guitars. The company ceased production when it's owner, Atilla Balogh, was crushed to death by a heavy machine in his shop in the early 80's. Here is a link to a thread on Talkbass.com about Atilla Balogh basses:


** It is said that finding one of these will bring you good luck **

 It's time for me to pass this good luck on to a fellow bassist :-)

Here are some specs:

  • Neck-through-body design (no bolt-on neck!).
  • Beautiful red sunburst in color
  • Fretless fingerboard (hardwood. Originally fretless, not de-fretted). 
  • 34" scale
  • Solid mahogany body, and maple neck.
  • Twin Bartollini pickups (p-bass configuration).
  • Volume and tone knobs.
  • Series parallel switch (converted into a kill switch).
  • Original model Bad Ass bridge (brass).
  • Grover machine heads (also brass)

When I acquired this bass, It was gutted for parts (no strings, no pickups, and the G string saddle of the Bad Ass bridge was missing). I spent time, money, and love restoring her. Here's what I had to restore:

  • I Couldn't find the G string saddle from the original model Band Ass bridge online, so I installed the saddle from a later model Bad Ass bridge which fit perfectly (although it is a different color - the original bridge components are silver, the newer model G string saddle is gold). 
  • I installed two new model Bartollini p-bass configuration pickups. From my research, this bass probably had 70's Dimarzio model P pickups. These original pickups were wired to run in series parallel if wanted (there is a switch to go back and forth). However, the Bartollini's I installed can't run series parallel, so I had the switch converted into a kill switch
  • New strings! I put on unused Thomastik flat-wound jazz electric bass strings! With the fretless and the flat-wound jazz strings, this bass has a very warm almost acoustic bass sound

I'm looking for $1,000, but will entertain all offers! 

Case NOT included. Neck strap NOT included.  Contact me if you are interested. Will make appointments for viewing and testing of the bass. I am willing to ship the bass if need be, however buyer will have to pay for ALL shipping costs.



No... The Atilla bass does  NOT  come with the upright bass in the background!

No... The Atilla bass does NOT come with the upright bass in the background!